"... Jacobs is a follower of the ballad, for which he knows how to find beautiful melodies...sith sounds of folk, country, bluegrass, blues, interesting subject topics, and an affection for his native soil."

"...However you wish to call him, folk, blues, country, you will find other respectable motifs than that of the mainstream, but to find them, one needs to go a great distance from Nashville, and more towards "South of Muskogee Town," Oklahoma."

"... Good songs, clever lyrics, sober and efficient, mostly acoustic arrangements, and a good story-telling way of singing.  For me, this guy's the best alternative for Ray Wylie Hubbard, and that's a compliment..."

"... (he) has a real gift for weaving a tale... you could learn a thing or two about storytelling from this master."

"... Jacobs crafts strong material in a neo-countryish vein..."

"Jacobs is the sweet voice of Oklahoma "Red Dirt"- not quite the grevious angel, but maybe the mischevious angel."

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