An early influence on Garth Brooks, there isn't a misfire in the bunch here and it's time the rest of us caught on to this wordsmith. A sure bet for anyone that wants to hear great lyrics that ring up there with anything Clark, Crowell or Van Zandt could/can do consistently, this is primo, uncut stuff. A winner throughout." ” - Chris Spector

— Midwest Record

Jacobs has a calm way with a tune, as his warm voice caresses his careful lyrics, with acoustic instruments like mandolins, dobro's, and a light piano sprinkling in color...Songwriting is rarely better than on "Encore".” - Jim Hynes

— Country Standard Time

...he's got 13 very good ones on Encore, among them the gorgeous "A Heart Is Breaking", a duet with fellow Okie Carter Sampson, and "Richardville Road", the true story about how a man became "the world's second-richest Indian" around the time Oklahoma achieved statehood...And his vocals-which convey a gentleness that reminds me a bit of Don Williams-are as memorable as his lyrics and melodies."  ” - Jeff Burger

— The Morton Report

... Jacobs is a follower of the ballad, for which he knows how to find beautiful melodies...sith sounds of folk, country, bluegrass, blues, interesting subject topics, and an affection for his native soil.” - Bernard Boyat

— Cri du Coyote - France

...However you wish to call him, folk, blues, country, you will find other respectable motifs than that of the mainstream, but to find them, one needs to go a great distance from Nashville, and more towards "South of Muskogee Town," Oklahoma.” - Marco Denti

— Buscadaro Magazine - Italy

... Good songs, clever lyrics, sober and efficient, mostly acoustic arrangements, and a good story-telling way of singing.  For me, this guy's the best alternative for Ray Wylie Hubbard, and that's a compliment...”

— Roots Town Magazine - Belgium

... (he) has a real gift for weaving a tale... you could learn a thing or two about storytelling from this master.”

— Songwriter's Monthly

... Jacobs crafts strong material in a neo-countryish vein...”

— Dirty Linen

Jacobs is the sweet voice of Oklahoma "Red Dirt"- not quite the grevious angel, but maybe the mischevious angel.” - Thomas Conner

— Tulsa World

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