Midwest Record

"An early influence on Garth Brooks, there isn't a misfire in the bunch here and it's time the rest of us caught on to this wordsmith. A sure bet for anyone that wants to hear great lyrics that ring up there with anything Clark, Crowell or Van Zandt could/can do consistently, this is primo, uncut stuff. A winner throughout." 

Country Standard Time

"Jacobs has a calm way with a tune, as his warm voice caresses his careful lyrics, with acoustic instruments like mandolins, dobro's, and a light piano sprinkling in color...Songwriting is rarely better than on "Encore"."

The Morton Report

"...he's got 13 very good ones on Encore, among them the gorgeous "A Heart Is Breaking", a duet with fellow Okie Carter Sampson, and "Richardville Road", the true story about how a man became "the world's second-richest Indian" around the time Oklahoma achieved statehood...And his vocals-which convey a gentleness that reminds me a bit of Don Williams-are as memorable as his lyrics and melodies."  

Cri du Coyote - France

"... Jacobs is a follower of the ballad, for which he knows how to find beautiful melodies...sith sounds of folk, country, bluegrass, blues, interesting subject topics, and an affection for his native soil."

Buscadaro Magazine - Italy

"...However you wish to call him, folk, blues, country, you will find other respectable motifs than that of the mainstream, but to find them, one needs to go a great distance from Nashville, and more towards "South of Muskogee Town," Oklahoma."

Roots Town Magazine - Belgium

"... Good songs, clever lyrics, sober and efficient, mostly acoustic arrangements, and a good story-telling way of singing.  For me, this guy's the best alternative for Ray Wylie Hubbard, and that's a compliment..."

Songwriter's Monthly

"... (he) has a real gift for weaving a tale... you could learn a thing or two about storytelling from this master."

Dirty Linen

"... Jacobs crafts strong material in a neo-countryish vein..."

Tulsa World

"Jacobs is the sweet voice of Oklahoma "Red Dirt"- not quite the grevious angel, but maybe the mischevious angel."